Kelley demonstrating at Art on the Severn resized 2So let's get acquainted...I'll tell you a little about myself..

I love to paint. If you have come to my website, you probably already know that. My catch phrase, "See with an Artist's Eyes" is meant to encourage students to take a fresh look at the world around them as they go through their day. When you start to see form, light and shadow, colour combinations, and even the humour in your life, you enrich your existence and grow as an artist. It's also a message to those who collect my work. I invite you to notice, reflect and find connection in the images that I paint.

I enjoy teaching. It's hard to believe that it's been 20 wonderful years of sharing my love of creating artwork. I hope that, beyond technical know-how, I've nurtured confidence, offered opportunities and celebrated our mutual passion. Thursday evenings at The Studio on the Bayou are open studio time for working on whatever you wish. Throughout the year, I hold all-day workshops at my studio and as a visiting artist. And it's fun! Many of my friends started out taking my workshops and wonderful friendships grew.

My early adult classes led to teaching teaching fine art and art history to home schooled children and working with cognitively challenged residents of group homes run by Simcoe County Community Services. I have found these relationships so very rewarding.

The Coldwater and Area Studio Tour, featuring about 40 artist and artisans, is a weekend event that I am pleased to chair again this year. It brings together artists of exceptional skill and dedication to their craft. If you are in central Ontario for June 20th and 21st, 2015, we would be pleased to welcome you in the picturesque area of Coldwater. The Tour is free of charge and the brochure is downloadable on our website

But all of this is pretty much public record...

What you may not know is that:

I'm never bored...even in a grocery line there are people and products to look at. My mind quickly switches to how I would paint the tears on a crying child's face, the texture in a tweed coat, or the shine on an apple.

Gardening is therapy for me. I love to dig in the soil and get my fingers dirty. Most of my floral paintings are inspired by the flowers in my garden. Working in the garden is not that different, in some respects, from working on my artwork.

I love long walks with my dog, Whimsey. He's a black and white border collie/husky cross whose zest for life is all too evident with his nose into the wind and his whole body propelling forward along the trails or across the frozen waters of Lake Couchiching. Pure joy!

I live in the countryside of Ontario, Canada with my husband Rick, my son Kit and of course, Whimsey.