My husband, Rick and I spent the morning at the farmers' market just outside of Orillia. What a great opportunity to take reference photos for my "Market Day" paintings. I spent two hours photographing the farmers, artisans and bakers with their wares and the shoppers eating, shopping, meeting friends, eating...A wonderful sense of community that I hope will come through in my paintings.

When I photograph these images, I'm going for references so getting a perfect composition isn't my goal.  Some of my painting incorporated references from many photos.  We purchased purple and orange cauliflowers, beautiful beats with the colourful tops still on, Mutsu (Crispin) apples, a giant savoy cabbage.  I love the handpainted signs.  These are going to make wonderful autumn harvest still life paintings and several great meals to follow.

Pickled Eggs resizedPeppers Yams and Leeks resizedPicking the right basket resized